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version 2/101030 by Erik Temple

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  • Example: * Survival Mode - A simple example that shows the most basic usage. The "before reading a command" rule is really the only relevant thing in the example.

         "Survival Mode"

        Include Inline Hyperlinks by Erik Temple.

        The Jungle is a room. "You are [swing state] from a thick, rope-like vine. Another dangles from the canopy twenty-five or so feet away. A thick jungle mist obscures the view beyond, as well as the forest floor."

        Before reading a command:
            say "You can [link]swing[end link] or [link]release[as]jump[end link]."
        Yourself can be hanging or swaying. Yourself is hanging.
        Instead of swinging yourself:
            if the player is swaying:
                say "You swing faster.";
                say "You sway a bit to get the vine moving, and soon are swinging in a wide arc.";
                now the player is swaying.

        To say swing state:
            if the player is hanging:
                say "hanging";
            if the player is swaying:
                say "swinging".
        Instead of jumping:
            if the player is swaying:
                say "You release the vine, impeccably timing your leap. You grab onto the other vine and hold. Through the mist you see yet another vine hanging thirty feet or so ahead.";
                now the player is hanging;
                say "You release the vine and drop toward the jungle floor. Tumbling through the mist, you land hard on [one of]a thorn-tree; the baroque profusion of spines the size of railroad spikes ends your life[or]a massive hill of flesh-eating ants. They swarm over you before you can regain your feet[or]a path used exclusively by stampeding boars; a pack of the loathsome creatures happens to be passing[purely at random].";
                end the game in death.
        Understand "swing" as swinging.

        Rule for supplying a missing noun while swinging:
            now the noun is yourself.
        Instead of doing anything other than looking or swinging or jumping:
            say "There is no time for anything but survival."