Inline Hyperlinks

version 2/101030 by Erik Temple

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  • Section: Internals

    Internally, Glulx refers to each link only by a numeric identifier. Inline Hyperlinks keys that identifier to a list of indexed texts (the "hyperlink list"); for example, if the ID for a given link is 10, Inline Hyperlinks will look up the 10th entry in the list for the linked command. Commands are not repeated, so if we repeatedly print a link with the replacement command "go north," the same number will be assigned to the link each time. This helps keep the hyperlink list as short as it can be.

    If you are concerned about the size of the hyperlink list, you may want to clean it out periodically. Inline Hyperlinks doesn't offer any particular facilities for doing this, since different games may have different needs. But keep in mind that, because most interpreters offer scrollback functionality, the entire game text is theoretically accessible to the player at any time: if you make changes to the hyperlink list, a player who scrolls back to click on a link may find that the link does not work as expected. The safest way to flush the list is probably to clear the screen periodically, resetting the scrollback buffer on most interpreters. At the same time that the screen is cleared, empty the hyperlink list, e.g:

        To clear the screen and hyperlink list:
            clear the screen;
            now the hyperlink list is {}.

    If you are going to flush the list like this, be careful not to clear the screen without good reason. Choose natural break-points (such as chapters, or changes in setting) to avoid confusing (and frustrating) the player.