Inline Hyperlinks

version 2/101030 by Erik Temple

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  • Section: Basic Usage

    Hyperlinks can be specified in two ways. We can specify the text of the hyperlink, followed by the text of the replacement command that clicking on that hyperlink will generate. For example, the following command will hyperlink the word "north"; when the link is clicked, the command "GO NORTH" will be generated.

        say "There is only one exit, to the [link]north[as]GO NORTH[end link]."

    If we want the command generated to be the same as the hyperlinked text, we simply surround the text with the link tags:

        say "It appears that the only thing to do here is to [link]jump[end link]."

    Note that Inline Hyperlinks will also register hyperlinks in the status line. We define these like we do any other hyperlink, e.g.:

        When play begins:
            now the right hand status line is "Exits: [link]N[end link]"

    Note that, because Inline Hyperlinks uses text capture (via Eric Eve's Text Capture extension) to store commands, we gain a significant advantage over methods of storing hyperlinks that rely on text or indexed text. Whereas the latter types are limited to utilizing types that can be stored (leaving out temporary values such as might be generated by a loop, for example), Inline Hyperlinks is limited only to what can be printed, which makes assigning hyperlinks much easier. If we use text substitutions in our linked text, for example, the value of the substitution will be the value *at the time the link was created*. See the "Maze" example below for an example.