Graphical Window Sprites

version 1 by Erik Temple

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  • Section: Summary of Sprite Properties

    This section simply presents a list of the properties associated with sprites, including those (sprite-width and sprite-height) we should not try to set directly.

        sprite: a kind of thing

        sprite-identity: the figure-name of the sprite's associated image file;

        sprite-coordinates: the x and y coordinates where the sprite will be placed; they should be matched to the background image or grid-background size, and tell where to place the upper-left corner of the sprite image. The sprite-coordinates are of the Inform list of numbers; The default is {0, 0};

        display-layer: a number that defines the layer the sprite will be drawn to; sprites with a display-layer of 1 are drawn first, then display-layer 2, and so on. The default is display-layer 1;

        sprite-scaling factor: a four-digit precision ratio for scaling the sprite, e.g. 0.5000. The default is 1.0000 (actual size, subject to adjustment by the window-scaling factor when the sprite-background scaled-centered display rule is in use);

        display-active, display-inactive: flags that indicate whether or not a sprite is marked for display. The default is display-inactive;

        sprite-width, sprite height: integers giving the dimensions of the original sprite in pixels; the author should have no reason to set these directly;

        graphlink-active, graphlink-inactive: flags that indicate whether or not a sprite is hyperlinked; can only be used if the "hyperlinked sprites" use-option in active. The default is graphlink-inactive;

        linked replacement-command: text of a command, given in quotation marks, that will be entered on behalf of the player when the corresponding sprite is clicked with the mouse. The default is "" (do nothing). The prefix "$-" added directly before the command will invoke the command without printing it to the command prompt.