Graphical Window Animation

version 3 by Erik Temple

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  • Section 4 - Commands to Alter Running Animations

    To stop looping animation:
        (- loop = 0; -) [The stop looping animation command allows a *currently playing* looped animation to continue to the end of the loop, then stops it and displays the currently shown picture.]
    To loop animation:
        (- loop = 1; -) [The loop animation command is probably of limited utility, but is provided for completeness. It can be used to transform a *currently playing* simple animation into a looped animation. The command must be triggered while the animation is still playing, which would be very difficult to control.]

    To change the animation speed to (new_fps - a number) fps:
        (- glk_request_timer_events(1000/{new_fps}); -)
    Carry out going (this is the stop animation when going rule):
        Interrupt animation.

    Carry out looking (this is the stop animation when looking rule):
        Interrupt animation.

    To interrupt animation:
        (- InterruptAnimation(); -)

    Graphical Window Animation ends here.