Graphical Window Animation

version 3 by Erik Temple

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  • Section: Setting Up an Animation

    Graphical Window Animation uses "reels" to organize and play animations. A reel is simply a list of figure-names (see Chapter 20 of the Inform manual for information on lists), and the author defines them as follows:

        The example reel is a list of figure-names that varies. The example reel is {Figure of Rider 01, Figure of Rider 02, Figure of Rider 03, Figure of Rider 04, Figure of Rider 05}.

    When the animation is played (see below), the figures in the reel will be shown one after the other, in list order. Each entry in the list is thus a frame of the animation. Note that images must be declared elsewhere in the source to be used as part of an animation reel (see Chapter 21 of the Inform manual). Once defined, a reel can be manipulated using all of the capabilities Inform provides for lists. Any number of reels may be defined.