Graphical Window Animation

version 3 by Erik Temple

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    Graphical Window Animation allows an author to animate images in a Glulx graphics window created and defined using Emily Short's Simple Graphical Window extension. Building on the hack described by Adam Cadre in his Gull documentation (, it uses Glulx's real-time capabilities to manage the display of individual images, producing an animated sequence. By default, the extension is set up to display animations in response to triggered events within a single room (such as button pushes, characters speaking, and so on), but can easily be configured to display animations while moving between rooms, or to play an image sequence associated with a room.

    Graphical Window Animation version 3 was designed to work with Inform build 5Z71 and requires both Emily Short's Simple Graphical Window (version 6) as well as her Glulx Entry Points extension. The images used in the example below are available for download at Two other example games, including source text and image files, illustrate more advanced applications and can be downloaded from