Glulx Status Window Control

version 1/100630 by Erik Temple

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  • Section - Replacement of InitGlkWindow entry point and color lookup (for use without Flexible Windows by Jon Ingold)

    [Tells the library not to open the status window; we will do it ourselves. Flexible Windows provides a use option to do the same thing, so we include this only if we are not already using Flexible Windows.]

    Include (-

    [ InitGlkWindow winrock i col;

    -) after "Definitions.i6t".

    [The routine for translating the color table is from Flexible Windows; we include it only if that extension is not already installed]

    Include (-

    Constant glulx_colour_table = (+Table of Common color Values+);

    [ ColVal c i max;
        for ( i=1:i<=max:i++ ) {
            if (TableLookUpEntry(glulx_colour_table, 1, i) == c)
                return TableLookUpEntry(glulx_colour_table, 2, i);