Glulx Input Loops

version 1/101121 by Erik Temple

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  • Section - Use option
    [Our new HandleGlkEvent has a somewhat more flexible approach to event handling than does Glulx Entry Points: Whereas the latter consults one of eight separate rulebooks depending on the event type, Glulx Input Loops passes the event type into parametrized rulebook. This means that we can have a general rule for event handling that fires no matter what the event, alongside the usual event-based rules.

    By default, Glulx Input Loops passes event handling to Glulx Entry Points's rulebooks. This means that existing code will continue to work as before with GIL. However, we can also employ this use option to avoid that. This will be best for applications that don't use extensions that use the GEP rulebooks.]

    Use direct event handling translates as (- Constant GLI_EVENTS; -).