Glulx Input Loops

version 1/101121 by Erik Temple

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  • Chapter - Definition of event types
    [The g-event KOV translates directly to the evtype constants at the I6 level. Note that some of these event types must occur in a specific window, so we set up an adjective to allow us to refer to only this subset.]

    A g-event is a kind of value. The g-events are timer-event, char-event, line-event, mouse-event, arrange-event, redraw-event, sound-notify-event, and hyperlink-event.

    Definition: A g-event is window-dependent if the g-event is not timer-event or the g-event is not sound-notify-event or the g-event is not arrange-event or the g-event is not redraw-event.

    Definition: A g-event is nonstandard input if the g-event is not line-event.

    To decide which g-event is null-event: (- 0 -)