Glulx Input Loops

version 1/101121 by Erik Temple

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    Glulx Input Loops replaces Inform's main input loop with a more flexible framework, and also allows us to create our own named input loops. Input loops are handled in such a way as to minimize the possibility of input events nesting in situations where one event immediately triggers another (these will be an issue only when we are doing something really radical). Also alters the internal workings of Glulx Entry Points to provide somewhat more flexible event handling (existing code written for use with GEP should need no changes).

    Glulx Input Loops requires Jon Ingold's Flexible Windows extension, and includes it automatically. However, an obscure bug in Inform sometimes causes problems if we do not also include Flexible Windows in our story text, before including Glulx Input Loops, like so:

        Include Flexible Windows by Jon Ingold.
        Include Glulx Input Loops by Erik Temple.

    Glulx Input Loops does not require Emily Short's Basic Screen Effects, but is compatible with it. However, Glulx Input Loops must be included after the latter or some features to do with keypress input will not work properly, e.g.:

        Include Flexible Windows by Jon Ingold.
        Include Basic Screen Effects by Emily Short.
        Include Glulx Input Loops by Erik Temple.