Glimmr Graphic Hyperlinks

version 1/100805 by Erik Temple

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  • Chapter 7.2a - Report window coordinates (for use without Glimmr Canvas-Based Drawing by Erik Temple)

    Showing clicked coordinates is an action out of world. Understand "coordinates" as showing clicked coordinates. Coordinate-trace is a truth state that varies. Coordinate-trace is false.

    Check showing clicked coordinates:
        If coordinate-trace is false:
            now coordinate-trace is true;
            now coordinate-trace is false;
        say "Coordinate reporting now [if coordinate-trace is true]on[otherwise]off[end if].[line break]".

    The report coordinates rule is listed before the default command replacement by graphlinks rule in the clicking graphlink rules.

    A clicking graphlink rule when coordinate-trace is true (this is the report coordinates rule):
        say "[line break]Window coordinates of mouse input ([current graphlink window]): ([current graphlink x], [current graphlink y])[if the click hit a hot link]: graphlink '[current graphlink]' activated.[end if][line break]";
        continue the action.