Glimmr Graphic Hyperlinks

version 1/100805 by Erik Temple

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  • Section: Debugging

    When used with either Glimmr Drawing Commands or Glimmr Canvas-Based Drawing, GGH will be able to generate Glimmr log messages. These generally identify the window and coordinates clicked, as well as the graphlink or g-element involved. As with all Glimmr log messages, logging must be enabled with the use option:

        Use Glimmr debugging.

    If we are not using these Glimmr extensions (and even if we are), we can access the same information by entering coordinate-trace mode. To do this, we just type COORDINATES at the command line (typing the command again turns coordinate-trace off again).

    Another debugging command available to us is the GRAPHLINKS command. This will provide a summary of the current state of the graphlinks table. Sample output:

        Table of Graphlink Glulx Replacement Commands (presented in reverse order)

        There are 2 entries in the table.

        undo button (graphics-window): (0,0) - (100,100): "Undo"
        transcript button (graphics-window): (100,100) - (200,200): "Transcript"

        Last window to be clicked: graphics-window