Glimmr Form Fields

version 1/101201 by Erik Temple

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  • Chapter - Input field definition
    [Any element can in principle serve as an input field. An element will be treated as an input field if it has the "form input" property set.

    To make things easier, we allow the user to, if desired, use a kind to define input fields. The input field is defined generically as a kind of g-element. The author will need to specify a more specific kind in her story text, e.g.:

        An input field is a kind of stroked rectangle primitive.

    Another option, as always, is to write a custom element display rule for input fields.]

    A g-element can be form input. A g-element is usually not form input.

    An input field is a kind of g-element. An input field is usually form input. The graphlink status of an input field is usually g-active.

    The linked replacement-command of an input field is usually "zenter zfield zinput".

    A g-element has a rendered string called the input-stream.
    A g-element has a number called the maximum length. The maximum length is usually 16.
    A g-element has a g-element called the next-field. The next-field is usually g-null-element.

    The current field is a g-element variable.