Glimmr Form Fields

version 1/101201 by Erik Temple

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  • Section - Termination key input

    A keypress-to-string conversion rule when keystroke-code terminates input (this is the keypress terminating input rule):
        cancel character input in the current text input window;
        #if utilizing Glimmr debugging;
        say "[>console][FFs]Received termination code [keystroke-code] for input field element [i][current field][/i]. Canceling field input in the current text input window ([current text input window]).[<]";
        #end if;
        if the next-field of the current field is form input:
            if keystroke-code is not -8:[The ESC key (-8) always returns us to regular input—it does not skip to the next field.]
                now queued field is the next-field of the current field;
                restart conversion;
        now field-input mode is false;
        terminate conversion.
    To decide if (keychar - a number) terminates input:
        if keychar is listed in the input-termination commands of the current field, decide yes;
        decide no.

    A g-element has a list of numbers called the input-termination commands. The input-termination commands of a g-element is usually {-6, -8, -9, 3}.