Glimmr Form Fields

version 1/101201 by Erik Temple

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  • Chapter - The accepting input field action
    [Field input is accepted using the "accepting field input" action—an out of world action. It can be triggered either by the player clicking, or via the "initiate field input" phrase.]

    Accepting field input is an action out of world applying to nothing. Understand "zenter zfield zinput" as accepting field input.

    To initiate field input in (field - a g-element):
        if the field is form input:
            now the queued field is field;
            try accepting field input;
            #if utilizing Glimmr debugging;
            say "[>console][FFs]***Warning: Attempted to initiate field input in [i][field][/i], which is a non-input element. The 'initiate field input in' phrase should only be used on g-elements with the 'form input' property.[<]";
            #end if;
            do nothing.