Glimmr Form Fields

version 1/101201 by Erik Temple

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  • Chapter: A note on performance and compatibility

    Any of the notes on performance that appear in other Glimmr extensions apply also to Glimmr Form Fields. The extension is computation-intensive, and having lots of rendered texts and multiple fields on screen at once will likely impact performance, particularly if you are using bitmap fonts. The Gargoyle interpreter ( ) has the best all-around performance; on my system, it runs without any noticeable delays at all, even when using bitmap fonts. All Glimmr games will always run slowly, sometimes much more slowly, in the Inform IDE than they will in outside interpreters, so test your game's true performance using a standalone interpreter.

    Mac users: You may well be attached to using Zoom or Spatterlight, but neither of these is ideal. As of December 2010, the most recent version of Zoom (v1.1.4.1) requires that you choose Glulxe as the interpreter (in the Game tab of the Preferences) rather than Git, to avoid a fatal bug in an earlier version of Git. Zoom also inverts colors, regardless of whether you're using Glulxe or Git. Spatterlight is no longer under development. It is slower than most other modern interpreters, and is extremely awkward for entering mouse input. It is not recommended for use with any Glimmr project. Gargoyle, again, is the best option.