Glimmr Form Fields

version 1/101201 by Erik Temple

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  • Section: Including Glimmr Form Fields in a project

    Inform remains fairly unsophisticated in its mechanisms for organizing included extensions. When we are dealing with a complex system of modular extensions such as Glimmr, it is very easy to trip it up, and the result is usually a list of unhelpful errors. For this reason, each Glimmr extension includes a section--such as this one--about how to include it, particularly in relation to other extensions.

    Glimmr Form Fields must be included before any font extension, e.g.:

        Include Glimmr Form Fields by Erik Temple.
        Include Glimmr Bitmap Font by Erik Temple.

    You should not include Flexible Windows, Fixed Point Maths, Glulx Input Loops, Glimmr Drawing Commands, Glimmr Canvas-Based Drawing, or Glimmr Graphic Hyperlinks in your project; these are included automatically.