Glimmr Form Fields

version 1/101201 by Erik Temple

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    Chapter: About Glimmr Form Fields

    Glimmr Form Fields (GFF) is a rather odd beast, and I don't really expect many people to find it useful. But it is kind of neat even so... The extension allows you to define any g-element (graphic element, see Glimmr Canvas-Based Drawing) as a "field" for input. A graphic representation of a string of text can be associated with this field. When clicked with the mouse or triggered by a command, the field will activate, a cursor will appear, and the player will be able to type to add text to the field. The player's typed input is stored in an indexed text property, and can also be converted into a number if the input is numeric.

    Glimmr Form Fields requires most of the other Glimmr extensions in order to function, including Glimmr Canvas-Based Drawing, Glimmr Drawing Commands, and Glimmr Graphic Hyperlinks. Also required are Glimmr's dependencies, including Flexible Windows by Jon Ingold and Fixed Point Maths by Michael Callaghan, as well the Glulx Input Loops extension. GFF also requires at least one font extension, such as Glimmr Bitmap Font or Glimmr Image Font.