Glimmr Drawing Commands

version 2/101030 by Erik Temple

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  • Chapter - Text substitutions for logging console messages
    [We preface console log messages with ">console" (the > is used to be sure that "console" doesn't conflict with any object named console. The [>console] *must* be balanced with [<] at the end: this transfers the focus back to the main window from the console.

    Note that, like all "to" phrases in Inform, these can be "overloaded". To do something different with them, rewrite the phrase in your story file, beneath the include line for Glimmr Drawing Commands.]

    To say >console:
        (- if ( (+ console output window +) has g_present) { glk_set_window( (+ console output window +).ref_number); -).

    To say <:
        (- glk_set_window( gg_mainwin ); } RunParagraphOn(); -).

    Glimmr Drawing Commands ends here.