Glimmr Drawing Commands

version 2/101030 by Erik Temple

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  • Section: Additional phrases for triggering debugging from source text

    It can often be useful to control debugging commands from source text, rather than from the command line. For example, we may want to debug the startup sequence, which occurs before the command prompt appears, and thus before we can enter any debugging commands. Glimmr provides the following phrases for controlling the ACTIONS, RULES, RULES ALL, and GLKLIST commands:

            activate actions tracing
            suspend actions tracing

            activate rules tracing
            suspend rules tracing
            if rules tracing is active
        RULES ALL
            activate intensive rules tracing
            suspend rules tracing
            if intensive rules tracing is active
            show glk list [the GLKLIST command]

    The Extended Debugging extension provides further phrases, as well as other useful features. (Note: Extended Debugging is not part of Glimmr, but works well with it.) See the template layer (Appendix B of Writing with Inform: ) for more on these debugging commands.