Glimmr Drawing Commands

version 2/101030 by Erik Temple

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  • Chapter: Tilesets

    A tileset is an object (of kind thing, to be precise) that defines the essential information needed for printing an image-map using a list of numbers. Declaring a tileset is simple:

        The Glimmr Automap Tileset is a tileset.

    A tileset has only a couple of parameters. The most important is the "translation table". The translation table relates an arbitrary number to a figure name:

        The Glimmr Automap Tileset is a tileset. The translation-table is the Table of Automap Tiles.

        Table of Automap Tiles
      Char  Tile  
      number  figure-name  
      2  Figure of north south path  
      1  Figure of east west path  
      35  Figure of ne sw path  
      36  Figure of nw se path  
      37  Figure of empty room center  
      90  Figure of diagonal cross  
      91  Figure of orthogonal cross   
      38  Figure of south wall  
      39  Figure of north wall  
      40  Figure of east wall  
      41  Figure of west wall  
      42  Figure of north exit  
      43  Figure of south exit  

    The two remaining properties of a tileset describe the dimensions of the tiles. These should (but strictly need not) reflect the actual dimensions of the image files in the tileset. The dimension properties are "tile-width" and "tile-height":

        The tile-width of the Glimmr Automap Tileset is 25.
        The tile-height of the Glimmr Automap Tileset is 25.