Glimmr Drawing Commands

version 2/101030 by Erik Temple

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  • Section: Line

    A line attempts to draw a nicely shaped line between any two coordinate pairs, the origin and the endpoint. The origin and endpoint need not be in any particular relative relation to one another (i.e., the origin does not have to be up from and to the left of the endpoint, as is the case with the rectangle).

        draw a line <color> in <window> from <origin> to <endpoint> with <weight> pixel line-weight

    Long forms:

        draw a line (r 250 g 235 b 215) in the graphics-window from {560, 790} to {124, 167} with 4 pixel line-weight.
        draw a line (color g-AntiqueWhite) in the graphics-window from 560 by 790 to 124 by 167 with 4 pixel line-weight.

    Short form:

        Line {560, 790} to {124, 167} at 4 px.

    Speed notes:

        Lines are composed of many individual rectangles, and as such can be quite slow to draw. On the bleeding-edge versions (as of summer 2010) of Gargoyle, they render quite quickly, but you may want to avoid using more than a few on other interpreters. Some tips for faster rendering:

            * If possible, it is better to draw a purely horizontal or vertical line using a rectangle, rather than a line. The rectangle requires less calculation.

            * Shorter lines draw faster than longer ones.

            * "Flatter" lines draw faster; the closer a line comes to 45 degrees, the more individual rectangles need to be drawn to render it, and the slower the drawing becomes.