Glimmr Drawing Commands

version 2/101030 by Erik Temple

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  • Section: Stroked rectangle

    A stroked rectangle is a rectangular field of color surrounded by an outline in another color (essentially a rectangle surrounded by a box). For the short form, the "current background-color" global defines the color of the rectangle, while the "current foreground-color" defines the color of the outline.

        draw a rectangle <rectangle color> in <window> from <origin> to <endpoint> with <weight> pixel line-weight <outline color>

    Long forms:

        draw a rectangle (color g-SkyBlue) in the graphics-window from {120, 12} to {340, 24} with 2 pixel stroke (color g-LightSkyBlue).
        draw a rectangle (hex #87CEEB) in the graphics-window from 120 by 12 to 340 by 24 with 2 pixel line-weight (color g-LightSkyBlue).

    Short form:

        stroked rectangle {120, 12} to {340, 24} at 2 px

    Speed notes:

        The stroked rectangle is drawn by displaying two rectangles, one in the background color superimposed on one in the outline color. In theory, it should take slightly more time to draw than a standard rectangle, and slightly less time than a box. In practice there is likely to be little difference, except perhaps if many are being drawn to the screen at once.