Glimmr Debugging Console

version 1/100805 by Erik Temple

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  • Section - Command to open the console

    Opening the g-console is an action applying to nothing. Understand "open g-console" as opening the g-console.

    Check opening the g-console:
        if console-window is g-present:
            say "The Glimmr console window is already open.";
            rule fails.

    Carry out opening the g-console:
        say "Opening the Glimmr console window...";
        open up the console-window;
        if console-window is g-present:
            say "[>console][bracket]Glimmr Console[close bracket]: Console initiated by command-line input.[unless the Glimmr debugging option is active][bracket]Glimmr Console[close bracket]: Automated logging is disabled. To enable, activate the Glimmr debugging use option.[end if][<]";
            say "";[This seemingly useless line lets Inform get its paragraphing back on track.]
            say "*** An unknown error prevented the Glimmr console window from opening."