Glimmr Debugging Console

version 1/100805 by Erik Temple

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    Glimmr Debugging Console is a simple extension that provides a separate window for Glimmr's debugging output, along with commands for opening and closing the window. It requires Glimmr Drawing Commands.

    For the debugging console to be useful, the Glimmr debugging option must be set:

        Use Glimmr debugging.

    If this option is not set, there will be no debugging output and thus nothing for the window to do!

    The "console-window," as the window is called, is a Flexible Windows text-buffer g-window. By default, it will open below the main window, because Glimmr debugging statements tend to be long and so are more readable in a wide window. If we want to open the window in another position, we can specify it as we would for any other Flexible Windows window, e.g:

        The position of the console-window is g-placeright.