Glimmr Canvas-Based Drawing

version 2/101030 by Erik Temple

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  • Part - Constructing graphic hyperlink sets for image maps

    Chapter - Constructing a hyperlink set for a direct image-map

    To construct/build graphic/-- hyperlinks/graphlinks array for (grid - a direct image-map) using (link-table - a table name):
        now the linked command array of the grid is {};
        let L be a list of texts;
        repeat with current-row running through the figure-array of the grid:
            let L be {};
            repeat with index running through current-row:
                if index is a figure listed in the link-table:
                    if there is a linked command entry:
                        add the linked command entry to L;
                        add "" to L;
                    add "" to L;
            add L to the linked command array of the grid;
        #if utilizing Glimmr debugging;
         say "[>console][CBD]Constructed hyperlink command array for [grid] (a direct image-map) from the table [link-table].[<]";
        #end if.

    [This table is required for the above routine to compile. It is best to make your own table rather than add to this one.]
    Table of Figure Commands
    figure  linked command  
    figure name  text  
    with 1 blank row.