Glimmr Canvas-Based Drawing

version 2/101030 by Erik Temple

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  • Section - Tileset image-map display rule

    [NOTE: The user must set the tiled graphlink status to active in order to use individually tiled graphlinks. One can set both a graphlink for the map and tiled graphlinks for individual tiles--the former will always underlie the latter.]

    An element display rule for a tileset image-map (called the grid):
        let image-map-width be the number of entries of entry 1 of the tile-array of the grid;
        let image-map-height be the number of entries in the tile-array of the grid;
        unless the background tint of the grid is g-PlaceNullCol:
            rectdraw (color background tint of the grid) in (current window) from (win-x of the grid) by (win-y) to win-x + (image-map-width * scaled tile-width) by win-y + (image-map-height * scaled tile-height);
            #if utilizing Glimmr debugging;
             say "[>console][CBD]Drawing background rectangle (glulx color-value [background tint of grid]) from ([win-x], [win-y]) to ([win-x + (image-map-width * scaled tile-width)], [win-y + (image-map-height * scaled tile-height)]) for tileset image-map [i][grid][/i] in [i][current window][/i].[<]";
            #end if;
        drimagemap in (current window) at (win-x of the grid) by (win-y of the grid) using (tile-array) rendered with (associated tileset of the grid) with tile-size (scaled tile-width) by (scaled tile-height) px;
        #if utilizing Glimmr debugging;
         say "[>console][CBD]Drawing tileset image-map [i][grid][/i] in [i][current window][/i] at origin ([win-x of grid], [win-y of grid]). Map ([image-map-width] x [image-map-height] = [image-map-width * image-map-height] tiles) rendered using tileset [associated tileset]; tiles measure [scaled tile-width] x [scaled tile-height] pixels after scaling.[<]";
        #end if;
        if the grid is graphlinked:
            set a graphlink in the current window identified as (the grid) from win-x by win-y to win-x + (scaled tile-width * image-map-width) by win-y + (scaled tile-height * image-map-height) as the linked replacement-command of the grid;
            #if utilizing Glimmr debugging;
             say "[>console][CBD]Graphlink corresponding to [i][grid][/i] set in [i][current window][/i] from ([win-x], [win-y]) to ([win-x + (scaled tile-width * image-map-width)], [win-y + (scaled tile-height * image-map-height)]): [quotation mark][linked replacement-command][quotation mark].[<]";
            #end if;
        if the grid is tile-graphlinked:
            follow the tiled graphlink setting rules for the grid.