Glimmr Canvas-Based Drawing

version 2/101030 by Erik Temple

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  • Chapter - Sprite element display rule

    An element display rule for a sprite (called the current-sprite) (this is the sprite display rule):
        unless the image-ID of current-sprite is Figure of Null:
            display sprite current-sprite in the current window at coordinates win-x of current-sprite and win-y of current-sprite with dimensions sprite-x of current-sprite and sprite-y of current-sprite;
            if graphlink status of current-sprite is g-active:
                set a graphlink in the current window identified as current-sprite from win-x of current-sprite by win-y of current-sprite to (win-x of current-sprite + sprite-x of current-sprite) by (win-y of current-sprite + sprite-y of current-sprite) as the linked replacement-command of current-sprite;
            #if utilizing Glimmr debugging;
            say "[>console][CBD]Drawing sprite element [i][current-sprite][/i] ([image-ID of current-sprite]) in [i][current window][/i] at origin ([win-x of current-sprite], [win-y of current-sprite]), dimensions [sprite-x of current-sprite] x [sprite-y of current-sprite] pixels.[line break][if current-sprite is graphlinked][CBD]Graphlink corresponding to [i][current-sprite][/i] set from ([win-x of current-sprite], [win-y of current-sprite]) to ([win-x of current-sprite + sprite-x of current-sprite], [win-y of current-sprite + sprite-y of current-sprite]): [quotation mark][linked replacement-command of current-sprite][quotation mark].[end if][<]";
            #end if;
        if the image-ID of current-sprite is Figure of Null:
            do nothing;
            #if utilizing Glimmr debugging;
            say "[>console][CBD]Sprite element [i][current-sprite][/i] is undefined (the image-ID property is not set or is set to [quotation mark]Figure of Null[quotation mark]).[<]";
            #end if;