Glimmr Canvas-Based Drawing

version 2/101030 by Erik Temple

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  • Section: Summary of the properties of rendered strings

    This section presents a list of the properties associated with rendered strings. Properties which the extension uses internally, and should not be referred to by the author, are marked with a double asterisk (**). All rendered strings also inherit the properties common to the g-element kind (see above for those properties).

    Note that the alignment property functions differently for rendered strings than for other g-elements. For center-aligned and right-aligned rendered strings, the origin is always located along the upper edge of the element; not at the center or the bottom edge.

        associated font - a font object, which is the font that should be used to draw the rendered text element. A bitmap-rendered text must use a bitmap font, and an image-rendered font an image font.

        text-string - an indexed text containing the string to be rendered by the element. Default value: "" (empty string, no output)

        tint - a glulx color value (see the Glulx Text Effects extension) that defines the color of the letterforms and cursor of a bitmap-rendered string; defines only the cursor color of an image-rendered string. Default value: g-White

        background tint - a glulx color value (see the Glulx Text Effects extension) that defines the color of the background of the rendered string element. Will be drawn as a single block of color behind the letterforms. Default value: g-PlaceNullCol (null, no background will appear)

        text-animation delay - a number defining the number of milliseconds that will be delayed after the drawing of each character of the text-string. Default value: 0
        cursor - a number defining the position of the cursor in the display of the rendered string. The cursor is only displayed when this property is 0 or higher. The cursor wil placed immediately after the string position; i.e., when cursor is 1, the cursor will be positioned immediately after the first character in the string. Default value: -99 (no cursor displayed)