Glimmr Canvas-Based Drawing

version 2/101030 by Erik Temple

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  • Section: Define a graphics window

    Windows are managed by the Flexible Windows extension, and we can make use of any of the features available in that extension. It is important that the window be defined using the "graphics g-window" kind (or a descendant of this kind):

        The graphics-window is a graphics g-window spawned by the main-window.
    You may find it useful to use the Glimmr Simple Graphics Window extension, which will do most of the configuration of the graphics window for you, including assigning a canvas (see the following section). See the Flexible Windows extension for more on creating windows.
    We also need to be sure that we open the window at some point, using the "open up the <g-window>" phrase, and that we have provided an indication of when the window should be redrawn. For most cases, doing the latter in an every turn rule will suffice:

        Every turn: follow the refresh windows rule.