Glimmr Canvas-Based Drawing

version 2/101030 by Erik Temple

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  • Chapter: Settings and options for scaling

    Section: Asymmetrical scaling

    Up to this point, we have talked about element scaling factors as if they were unitary; that is, as if both the x and y axes are always scaled by the same amount. And this is in fact true, unless we set the asymmetrical scaling use option:

        Use asymmetrical scaling

    Now we can scale elements—most usefully, sprites—asymmetrically, meaning we can stretch or squeeze the element along one axis more than along the other. This will often be less than pleasing aesthetically, but in some cases it can be quite useful.

    Note that when this option is set, we can no longer use the "scaling factor" property for elements. Instead, we must now specify the "x-scaling factor" and the "y-scaling factor" separately. We must do this for all elements:

        The gas mask is a sprite. The x-scaling factor is 0.9800. The y-scaling factor is 0.5000.

    Note that by default, both scaling factors are set to 1.0000, so we really only need to set the scaling factors if we wish to scale to some other factor.