Glimmr Canvas Editor

version 1/100805 by Erik Temple

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  • Chapter - Interactively changing the line-weight

    Interactively changing the line-weight is an action applying to nothing. Understand "line-weight" or "line weight" or "bit-size" or "bit size" or "dot-size" or "dot size" as interactively changing the line-weight.

    Carry out interactively changing the line-weight:
        now current question is "Enter the desired weight of the line or text bit-size, in pixels.";
        now current prompt is "Enter a number: >";
        now current cancelation message is "[bracket]Line-weight canceled.[close bracket]";
        ask an open question, in number mode.
    A number question rule when the impelling action is interactively changing the line-weight:
        if the number understood is less than 1:
            say "The line-weight must be greater than 0.";
        abide by the line-weight changing rule;