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  • Chapter - Pop-Up Buttons

    [A pop-up button is a special type of button that "opens" a pop-up "window". They are defined separately from standard buttons for two reasons:

    1) Pop-up buttons are not animated when they are depressed, unlike standard buttons;
    2) Pop-up buttons do not insert a replacement command on behalf of the player. Instead, they are given special handling by the clicking graphlink rules; it is therefore useful to be able to refer to them by kind.]

    A pop-up button is a kind of UI-element. The display status is usually g-active. The display-layer of a pop-up button is 4.

    The pop-up layer is a number that varies. The pop-up layer is 7. [This is the layer on which buttons belonging to pop-up dialogues are drawn.]

    A pop-up button has a pop-up dialogue called the associated dialogue.

    Some pop-up buttons are defined by the Table of Pop Up Buttons.

    Table of Pop Up Buttons
    sprite  image-ID  origin  associated dialogue  linked replacement-command  
    Settings_popbutton  Figure of Settings Pop Button  {502, 21}  Settings_popup  ""  
    Source_popbutton  Figure of Source Pop Button  {502, 64}  Source_popup  ""  
    Instances_popbutton  Figure of Instances Pop Button  {502, 106}  Instances_popup  ""