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  • Chapter - Buttons

    A button is a kind of UI-element. The display status of a button is usually g-inactive.

    The button-layer is a number that varies. The button-layer is 4. The display-layer of a button is 4.

    Some buttons are defined by the Table of Button-Sprites. [Buttons that occur outside the tabs need to be made display-active from the beginning, while buttons within tabs will be activated/deactivated by their tabs.]

    Table of Button-Sprites
    sprite  image-ID  origin  active-state  inactive-state  linked replacement-command  display status  
    Nudge-up_button  Figure of Nudge Up Inactive  {65, 196}  Figure of Nudge Up Active  Figure of Nudge Up Inactive  "NUDGE UPWARD"  g-inactive  
    Nudge-right_button  Figure of Nudge Right Inactive  {96, 222}  Figure of Nudge Right Active  Figure of Nudge Right Inactive  "NUDGE RIGHTWARD"  g-inactive  
    Nudge-left_button  Figure of Nudge Left Inactive  {37, 222}  Figure of Nudge Left Active  Figure of Nudge Left Inactive  "NUDGE LEFTWARD"  g-inactive  
    Nudge-down_button  Figure of Nudge Down Inactive  {65, 252}  Figure of Nudge Down Active  Figure of Nudge Down Inactive  "NUDGE DOWNWARD"  g-inactive  
    Nudge_def_button  Figure of Nudge Default Inactive  {161, 219}  Figure of Nudge Default Active  Figure of Nudge Default Inactive  "CHANGE NUDGE AMOUNT"  g-inactive  
    Scale_sym_button  Figure of Symmetrical Scale Inactive  {38, 199}  Figure of Symmetrical Scale Active  Figure of Symmetrical Scale Inactive  "SCALE SYMMETRICALLY"  g-inactive  
    Scale_horiz_button  Figure of Horizontal Scale Inactive  {38, 250}  Figure of Horizontal Scale Active  Figure of Horizontal Scale Inactive  "SCALE HORIZONTALLY"  g-inactive  
    Scale_vert_button  Figure of Vertical Scale Inactive  {266, 250}  Figure of Vertical Scale Active  Figure of Vertical Scale Inactive  "SCALE VERTICALLY"  g-inactive  
    Scale_default_button  Figure of Default Scale Inactive  {38, 463}  Figure of Default Scale Active  Figure of Default Scale Inactive  "SET DEFAULT SCALE"  g-inactive  
    Align_left_button  Figure of Align Left Inactive  {38, 357}  Figure of Align Left Active  Figure of Align Left Inactive  "ALIGN LEFT"  g-inactive  
    Align_top_button  Figure of Align Top Inactive  {92, 357}  Figure of Align Top Active  Figure of Align Top Inactive  "ALIGN TOP"  g-inactive  
    Align_right_button  Figure of Align Right Inactive  {146, 357}  Figure of Align Right Active  Figure of Align Right Inactive  "ALIGN RIGHT"  g-inactive  
    Align_bottom_button  Figure of Align Bottom Inactive  {200, 357}  Figure of Align Bottom Active  Figure of Align Bottom Inactive  "ALIGN BOTTOM"  g-inactive  
    Center_button  Figure of Center Inactive  {298, 362}  Figure of Center Active  Figure of Center Inactive  "CENTER ON"  g-inactive  
    Layer_move_button  Figure of Layer Move Inactive  {39, 462}  Figure of Layer Move Active  Figure of Layer Move Inactive  "MOVE TO NEW LAYER"  g-inactive  
    Graphlink_add_button  Figure of Graphlink Add Inactive  {38, 329}  Figure of Graphlink Add Active  Figure of Graphlink Add Inactive  "ADD LINK"  g-inactive  
    Graphlink_delete_button  Figure of Graphlink Delete Inactive  {225, 329}  Figure of Graphlink Delete Active  Figure of Graphlink Delete Inactive  "REMOVE LINK"  g-inactive  
    Info_button  Figure of Info Inactive  {73, 563}  Figure of Info Active  Figure of Info Inactive  "INFO"  g-active  
    Delete_button  Figure of Delete Inactive  {34, 563}  Figure of Delete Active  Figure of Delete Inactive  "DELETE"  g-active  
    Zoom_button  Figure of Zoom In  {160, 563}  Figure of Zoom Out Active  Figure of Zoom In  "ZOOM"  
    Draw_button  Figure of Draw Inactive  {199, 563}  Figure of Draw Active  Figure of Draw Inactive  "[if drawing-window is g-present]CLOSE DRAWING TOOLS[otherwise]OPEN DRAWING TOOLS"  g-active  
    Select_all_button  Figure of Select All Inactive  {39, 143}  Figure of Select All Active  Figure of Select All Inactive  "SELECT ALL"  g-inactive  
    Select_kind_button  Figure of Select Kind Inactive  {192, 143}  Figure of Select Kind Active  Figure of Select Kind Inactive  "SELECT SAME KIND"  g-inactive  
    Select_layer_button  Figure of Select Layer Inactive  {364, 143}  Figure of Select Layer Active  Figure of Select Layer Inactive  "SELECT SAME LAYER"  g-inactive  
    Hide_button  Figure of Hide Inactive  {38, 207}  Figure of Hide Active  Figure of Hide Inactive  "HIDE"  g-inactive  
    Show_button  Figure of Show Inactive  {207, 207}  Figure of Show Active  Figure of Show Inactive  "SHOW"  g-inactive  
    Show_all_button  Figure of Show All Inactive  {375, 207}  Figure of Show All Active  Figure of Show All Inactive  "SHOW ALL"  g-inactive  
    List_colors_button  Figure of List Colors Inactive  {52, 110}  Figure of List Colors Active  Figure of List Colors Inactive  "LIST COLORS"  g-inactive  
    Image_bkgd_button  Figure of Image Bkgd Inactive  {52, 266}  Figure of Image Bkgd Active  Figure of Image Bkgd Inactive  "MAKE BACKGROUND IMAGE"  g-inactive  
    Grid_bkgd_button  Figure of Grid Bkgd Inactive  {52, 315}  Figure of Grid Bkgd Active  Figure of Grid Bkgd Inactive  "REMOVE BACKGROUND IMAGE"  g-inactive  
    Generate_source_button  Figure of Generate Source Inactive  {52, 145}  Figure of Generate Source Active  Figure of Generate Source Inactive  "GENERATE SOURCE CODE"  g-inactive  
    Preview_source_button  Figure of Preview Source Inactive  {52, 194}  Figure of Preview Source Active  Figure of Preview Source Inactive  "PREVIEW SOURCE CODE"  g-inactive  
    Rename_sprite_button  Figure of Rename Sprite Inactive  {52, 110}  Figure of Rename Sprite Active  Figure of Rename Sprite Inactive  "RENAME SPRITE"  g-inactive  
    Change_kind_button  Figure of Change Kind Inactive  {221, 110}  Figure of Change Kind Active  Figure of Change Kind Inactive  "CHANGE KIND"  g-inactive  
    Change_ID_button  Figure of Change ID Inactive  {52, 160}  Figure of Change ID Active  Figure of Change ID Inactive  "REASSIGN SPRITE IDENTITY"  g-inactive  
    Register_button  Figure of Register Instance Inactive  {52, 388}  Figure of Register Instance Active  Figure of Register Instance Inactive  "REGISTER INSTANCE"  g-inactive  
    Load_button  Figure of Load Instance Inactive  {220, 388}  Figure of Load Instance Active  Figure of Load Instance Inactive  "LOAD INSTANCE"  g-inactive  
    Reveal_button  Figure of Reveal Instance Inactive  {52, 439}  Figure of Reveal Instance Active  Figure of Reveal Instance Inactive  "LIST INSTANCES"  g-inactive  
    Tag_button  Figure of Tag Inactive  {52, 274}  Figure of Tag Active  Figure of Tag Inactive  "TAG"  g-inactive  
    Tag_delete_button  Figure of Tag Delete Inactive  {221, 274}  Figure of Tag Delete Active  Figure of Tag Delete Inactive  "DELETE TAG"  g-inactive  
    Duplicate_button  Figure of Duplicate Inactive  {275, 461}  Figure of Duplicate Active  Figure of Duplicate Inactive  "DUPLICATE"  g-inactive