Glimmr Canvas Editor

version 1/100805 by Erik Temple

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  • Part - Initializations

    Use asymmetrical scaling.
    Use MAX_ACTIONS of 210.
    Use MAX_STATIC_DATA of 1500000.
    [Use MAX_PROP_TABLE_SIZE of 50000.]

    Use logged sprite creation translates as (- Constant LOGGED_SPRITES; -).

    The story genre is "Utility". The release number is 1. The story headline is "A tool for creating Glimmr canvas-based compositions".

    Table of Common Color Values (continued)
    glulx color value  assigned number  
    g-mylightgray  15132390  
    g-pear  14609052  
    g-lightpear  15791827  
    g-midlightgray  10921638  
    g-librarygray  12566463  

    [A glulx arranging rule:
        say "Window width: [width of main-window].";
        say "Window height: [height of main-window].";]