Glimmr Canvas Editor

version 1/100805 by Erik Temple

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  • Chapter - Fonts

    [Replace this section to use alternate fonts. First, include the proper font extensions. Then, provide a decide phrase like that given here so that the source code generator will know what to write. Finally, set the associated font name for the two classes of font to the appropriate value.]

    Include Glimmr Bitmap Font by Erik Temple.
    Include Glimmr Image Font by Erik Temple.

    To decide what text is the extension-name of (typeface - a font):
        if the typeface is Glimmr Lucidex:
            decide on "Glimmr Image Font by Erik Temple";
        if the typeface is Glimmr C&C:
            decide on "Glimmr Bitmap Font by Erik Temple";
        decide on "".
    The associated font of a bitmap-rendered string is usually Glimmr C&C.
    The associated font of an image-rendered string is usually Glimmr Lucidex.