Glimmr Canvas Animation

version 1/111030 by Erik Temple

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  • Chapter - Parameterized zooming tracks

    Section - Parameterized zooming rule

    First animation rule for a parameterized zooming animation track (called the track) (this is the default parameterized zooming animation rule):
        let cyclic-frame be current-frame of the track - (cycles completed of the track * cycle-length of the track);
        let P be the property-storage of the track;
        let Zz be the easing of the track applied to the cyclic-frame and the cycle-length of the track and the start-x of the track and the delta-x of the track;
        let Z be (Zz // 10000.0000);[the easing equations give us a number; we need to translate it into a real number to use as a scaling factor]
        store non-block value (Z) as property number (P) in the animation-target of the track;
        #if utilizing animation debugging;
        say "[>console][CA]Processed frame [b][current-frame][/b][if track is cycling] (frame [cyclic-frame] of cycle [cycles completed of the track + 1])[end if] of [i][track][/i] as a parameterized zooming track targeting the [property P] of [the animation-target of the track], using the [easing of the track] (t: [cyclic-frame], d: [cycle-length of the track], b: [start-x of the track], c: [delta-x of the track]): [Z].[<]";
        #end if.