Glimmr Canvas Animation

version 1/111030 by Erik Temple

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  • Part - Animation dispatch and handling

    Chapter - Animation dispatch

    A glulx timed activity rule when animation is queued (this is the animation dispatch rule):
        let frames-processed be 0;
        repeat with track running through animation-active animation tracks:
            increase the timer count of the track by 1;
            if the remainder after dividing the timer count of the track by the timer frame-multiple of the track is 0:
                follow the animation rules for the track;
                increase frames-processed by 1;
        if frames-processed is greater than 0:
            #if utilizing animation debugging;
            say "[>console][CA]Calculations for running animations completed; drawing graphics window(s).[paragraph break][<]";
            #end if;
            carry out the updating graphics windows for animation activity.