Glimmr Canvas Animation

version 1/111030 by Erik Temple

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  • Section: Important note about animations that print text

    It is illegal to print text to a window if that window is awaiting input from the player, though some interpreters will allow it. In the vast majority of games, this means that we should not use an animation rule to print text to the main window unless we invoke the "delay input until all animations are complete" phrase. Other text windows, including the status line, will not cause any problem unless we are also requesting input in those windows.

    (Note that the animation debugging provided by this extension is subject to the same rules. If we are not using the Glimmr Debugging Console extension or another alternate stream for the output from the debugger, it will only print in some interpreters. Conveniently, both the OS X and Windows IDEs allow such illegally printed text; Gargoyle, however, does not. See the section on Debugging below for more on redirecting the debugging log to alternate streams.)