Glimmr Canvas Animation

version 1/111030 by Erik Temple

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  • Section: Parameterized zooming animation tracks

    A parameterized zooming track is, as might be guessed, very similar to the standard zooming track. It can operate on any of the following four properties:

        scaling factor (of a g-element)
        x-scaling factor (of a g-element)
        y-scaling factor (of a g-element)
        arbitrary scaling factor (of a window)

    For most purposes, we should just use the standard zooming track. The main use for the parameterized zooming preset is to allow us to set the x-scaling and y-scaling factors of a g-element separately; this works only when the "asymmetrical scaling" use option is set (see docs for Glimmr Canvas-Based Drawing).

    To invoke a parameterized zooming track:

        animate <track> as a parameterized zooming animation targeting <chosen parameter/property> of <target> and ending at <final scaling factor> at <interval> with a duration of <length> frames, <cycling>

    Usage example:

    Animating the scaling of only the y-axis to "compress" a sprite visually. Making the sprite right-aligned causes it to be anchored at the bottom:
        Use asymmetrical scaling.
        The squishy track is an animation track.
        The Ball is a sprite. It is right-aligned. The image-ID is Figure of Ball.
        To squish the blob:
            animate the squishy track as a parameterized zooming animation targeting the y-scaling factor of the Blob and ending at 0.1000 at 24 fps with a duration of 4 frames.

    Easing equations can be applied to a parameterized zooming track just as they can a standard zooming track.