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version 2/101030 by Erik Temple

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    Glimmr fonts can be used in graphics windows, which otherwise don't allow text. This font, called Glimmr C&C, requires either Glimmr Drawing Commands or Glimmr Canvas-Based Drawing to work. It is based on the font "C&C Red Alert," a pixel font by N3tRunn3r.

    Please see the documentation of Glimmr Drawing Commands or Glimmr Canvas-Based Drawing for instructions on using this font. For instructions on creating your own fonts for use with Glimmr, see Glimmr Drawing Commands.

    This font will automatically be set as the preferred default font for bitmap-rendered strings when it is included, so it will not be necessary to specify the associated font for a bitmap-rendered string unless you are intending to use a different font as your default. In that case, simply declare that font:

        The associated font of a bitmap-rendered string is My Cool Font.