Glimmr Automap

version 2/101030 by Erik Temple

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  • Section - UI buttons

    Some UI-buttons are defined by the Table of Map Buttons.

    [The UI-layer is a global variable holding the layer number on which the buttons should be placed. It should generally be at least 2 layers higher than the map layer. If no display-layer is explicitly set for the UI-frame, it will be placed one level beneath the UI-layer.]

    The UI-layer is a number that varies. The UI-layer is usually 4.

    Table of Map Buttons
    g-element  image-ID  resting state  depressed state  inactive state  
    UI-zoom-in  Figure of UI-zoom-in  Figure of UI-zoom-in  Figure of UI-zoomIn-depressed  Figure of UI-zoomIn-disabled  
    UI-zoom-out  Figure of UI-zoom-out  Figure of UI-zoom-out  Figure of UI-zoomOut-depressed  Figure of UI-zoomOut-disabled  

    A UI-button has a stored action called the linked action.

    The linked action of UI-zoom-in is the action of zooming in.
    The linked action of UI-zoom-out is the action of zooming out.