Glimmr Automap

version 2/101030 by Erik Temple

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  • Section - Querying a room

    Automap graphlink rule for a room (called the target) when the no query functionality option is not active (this is the display queried room name rule):
        if UI-query is display-active and the image-ID of UI-query is not the depressed state of UI-query:[if we're using the query button, we only want the action to proceed when the button is in its depressed state. Otherwise, we drop through to the author's rule.]
        if the current map label is a rendered string:
            now the text-string of the current map label is the printed name of the target;
            now the origin of the current map label is the canvas equivalent of the screen coordinates (current graphlink x) by (current graphlink y) of (current graphlink window);
        activate the current map label;
        if the UI-query-explanation is not g-persistent:
            deactivate the UI-query-explanation;
        follow the refresh windows rule;
        deactivate the current map label.[The map label will disappear from the map, but only after the next time the window is redrawn.]