Glimmr Automap

version 2/101030 by Erik Temple

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  • Section: The query explanation

    The existence of the query functionality will not be obvious to players unless we tell them about it. We can do this in our source text, but GLAM also includes a means for us to display this information to the player within the graphics window, via the g-element known as the "UI-query-explanation". This element is not displayed by default. To turn it on, we paste the following into our source text:

        The display status of the UI-query-explanation is g-active.

    A text will appear above the UI frame that says "Click to identify a room". This text is completely hardcoded--to change the text or the color, we need to create a new PNG image for it. (The reason for this is speed--rendered strings may be slow on some machines/interpreters, and it is best to limit their use.)

    By default, the UI-query-explanation element will be shown only until the player clicks on a room. If we prefer to show the explanation through the entire course of the game, we can add the following to our source text:

        The UI-query-explanation is g-persistent.

    (Note that if we are using the query button--see below--then "g-persistent" will have no effect.)

    We can move the query explanation text around the screen in the same way as we do the UI frame (see below).