Glimmr Automap

version 2/101030 by Erik Temple

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  • Section: Toggling the ASCII version of the map

    Glimmr Automap has the MAP command open and close the graphical map window. If you prefer that the MAP command toggle the ASCII/Unicode/Font3 version of the map rather than remove the map window entirely, you can paste the following into your story file:

        Chapter - Toggling text map view (in place of Chapter - Hacking Automap in Glimmr Automap by Erik Temple)

        First for constructing the status line (this is the bypass status line map rule):
            if glulx graphics is supported and the map-window is g-present:
                fill status bar with table of ordinary status;
                rule succeeds;
                now current zoom is map zoomed in;
                reserve automap memory of (text-map depth) rows;
                fill status bar with table of ordinary status and map.

    This closes the map window and immediately expands the status line to as many rows as have been set in the "text-map depth" variable. Change the text-map depth as desired to resize the ASCII version of the map (the default is 12).

    If you do this, you will probaby want to change the default messages for the "map" command as well, since it refers to opening and closing the map window. See below.