Glimmr Automap

version 2/101030 by Erik Temple

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  • Chapter: Including Glimmr Automap in a project

    Inform remains fairly unsophisticated in its mechanisms for organizing included extensions. When we are dealing with a complex system of modular extensions such as Glimmr, it is very easy to trip it up, and the result is usually a list of unhelpful errors. For this reason, each Glimmr extension includes a section--such as this one--about how to include it, particularly in relation to other extensions.

    Glimmr Automap should be included before any font or tileset extensions, e.g.:

        Include Glimmr Automap by Erik Temple.
        Include Glimmr Automap Tileset by Erik Temple.

    You should not include Flexible Windows, Fixed Point Maths, Glimmr Drawing Commands, Glimmr Canvas-Based Drawing, or Glimmr Graphic Hyperlinks in your project; these are included automatically, as is Mark Tilford's Automap. Fonts and tilesets *must* be included after the Glimmr Automap extension.