Glimmr Automap

version 2/101030 by Erik Temple

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  • Section: Automap's zoom levels

    Veteran Automap users know that that extension provides two zoom levels that actually report map data in different ways. These are "map zoomed in" and "map zoomed out". Glimmr Automap always uses the "map zoomed in" zoom level. For displaying large maps on screen, however, "map zoomed out" may be faster: whereas map zoomed in requires 9 tiles to draw each room, map zoomed out uses only 1 tile per room, a significant difference.

    You can use "map zoomed out" in Glimmr Automap with the addition of only a single line:

        Last opening up the map window:
            now current zoom is map zoomed out.

    However, Automap reuses tile numbers in ways that make the design of the Glimmr Automap Tileset look distinctly subpar when "map zoomed out" is the current zoom. The tile graphics could be modified relatively easily to work the map zoomed out view, if you want to go that route (or you can design your own tiles from scratch). See below for a few notes on creating tilesets.