Glimmr Automap

version 2/101030 by Erik Temple

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  • Section: A note on the functioning of mouse input

    GLAM has special handling for mouse input to the map window. The general handling for mouse input to graphic windows is defined by Glimmr Graphic Hyperlinks: When a mouse click is received in a graphics window that is awaiting input, the "clicking graphlink rules" are consulted for that window; if a hot-linked zone of the window was clicked, we run the "graphlink processing rules" for the corresponding "graphlink". GLAM redirects mouse input to the map window (only) to the "automap graphlink rules". This segregates all input to both the map (clicking on rooms) and the provided UI elements (the zoom and query button) so that they can be handled by a separate rulebook. This is intended to make it easier to use GLAM alongside other graphics windows that might be displaying less specialized content. Be aware of this if you are adding your elements or behavior to the map-window. The best way to see how things operate is to study the source code.