Glimmr Automap

version 2/101030 by Erik Temple

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    Chapter: About Glimmr Automap

    Glimmr Automap is, unlike most other Glimmr extensions, a solution rather than a framework. It provides a graphical map that draws a flowchart-style map to a graphics window, adding rooms dynamically to the map as the player discovers the story world. Glimmr Automap (GLAM) is a graphical frontend for Mark Tilford's Automap extension, displaying the map data generated by that extension using a graphical tileset, supplied as the Glimmr Automap Tileset extension. Users may also supply their own tilesets.

    Glimmr Automap also provides easily configured user-interface elements for interacting with the map, including zooming in and out using onscreen buttons, clicking on rooms in the map to identify them onscreen, and more.

    Glimmr Automap is primarily designed for use with Glulx interpreters that support graphics windows, but it will fall back to an ASCII (or Unicode) map on text-only interpreters, using the interface provided by Mark Tilford's Automap.

    The extension requires most of the other Glimmr extensions in order to function, including Glimmr Canvas-Based Drawing, Glimmr Drawing Commands, and Glimmr Graphic Hyperlinks. Also required are Glimmr's dependencies, including Flexible Windows by Jon Ingold and Fixed Point Maths by Michael Callaghan.